3 Steps to Unlock & Activate Your Glutes

Movement of the Month | November 2017

Everyone needs regular attention to unlock & activate your glutes. Why? We sit too much and don’t activate enough. With too much time sitting, our glutes get stuck together, shortened in a tight position, then inhibited. When tissue gets sticky it’s not able to respond as well as it could.

Step 1

unlock glutes








Sit in a side-sitting posture, as shown above, inhale with a tall spine and exhale fold out and over your front knee. Slowly fan side-to-side stretching all angles of your glute fibers. To increase the stretch and gently floss the sciatic nerve tuck your chin. Release when you have achieved a thorough and manageable stretch. Slowly come out if you experience any pain, tingling, or numbness.

Step 2

activate your glutes








Start on your back with feet hip-width apart and holding a neutral pelvis position (not too anterior or posteriorly tilted). Press down through both heels and lift your hips up until they are parallel to both knees. Lift with your glutes first then hamstrings second. Hold at the top then activate one quadricep to straighten the knee, stabilizing on one leg. Hug in your core to keep your pelvis from dipping. The single-leg bridge requires glute medius activation and pelvis stabilization required for walking, a strong core, and athletic movements.

Step 3

activate your glutes








Start with both feet narrower than hip-width apart, bend your weight-dominant leg at the knee, hinge at your hip, grab a lightweight kettlebell to start, actively reach your floating leg back so it is in-line with your spine, press through your down heel and stand up straight. Only perform the single-leg deadlift if you are pain-free and confident in balancing on one leg. This requires supreme glute activation, whole-body stability, and proper alignment crucial for performance.


Tyler Kragerud is a certified fascial stretch therapist, yoga practitioner, trainer, and bodyworker who loves showing others how to move pain-free with ease.