Benefits of Inversion Postures

The King of asanas is the pose called Sirsasana, or Headstand. Why is it the King? It requires mobile shoulders and wrists along with stable hands, arms, shoulders, and especially core in order to assume the correct form. The same positioning is required for an overhead squat or handstand. It is know for increasing circulation in the head enhancing hormone function and mental clarity. It literally takes your world upside-down and challenges the system to weight-bear against the force of gravity, something that has become natural while standing and walking upright. Take a look at Iyengar’s instruction in Light on Yoga, and you will see how much work, attention, and practice it takes to perform this asana correctly with stability and ease. As a movement specialist, I do not recommend starting here. Benefits of inversion postures can easily be achieved by simply placing your legs and feet up a wall with your back on the floor. Aim for 2-5 minutes here to help drain stagnant fluids toward your center. Stop if your feet begin to go numb by bending your knees. Other inversion progressions include Downward Facing Dog, Wide-Legged Forward Fold, Handstand, and Shoulder Stand, but only attempt these if you have correct alignment with no injuries. Professional guidance is highly recommended.

In our modern living, too much time is spent sitting and circulation decreases in the lower limbs. Adopt a simple inversion pose at night before bed to re-circulate fluids and energy flow. Learn more about restorative exercises with our Restorative Program.