tension release exercisesTension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, or TRE for short, are exercises specifically designed to allow us to shake-off any underlying held tension. The premise is to pre-fatigue the muscular system in order to help us bypass the prefrontal cortex of our brain, which is where logic and reasoning reside, so the lower brain centers can release any tension, trauma, or held stress, which are stored in the deeper reptilian brain.

TRE is simple yet effective at releasing held tension that often goes unnoticed. By practicing TRE, one can deepen self-awareness, enter into a relaxed parasympathetic state on demand, and somatically release stress without relying solely on contemplation or an external source.

TRE was developed by Dr. David Berceli who wanted a simple and effective way to help individuals and large groups of people who have experienced trauma deal with the associated stress. He has been traveling the world teaching natural disaster survivors, military, and war victims how to use TRE to move through held tension related to trauma. Watch this video that summarizes TRE.

When it comes to enhancing recovery and athletic performance, TRE can help us recover at a neurological level, which is the control center of our entire system. The faster one can move into a relaxed and restful state, the sooner the body can begin the process of regeneration following an intense exercise session or competition. TRE is one tool to use to not only access this state on demand, but also deal with any held trauma or tension from the past, such as accidents, surgeries, emotional trauma, or extreme bouts of stress.

Check out these videos from various people who used TRE to let-go of stress including sports enthusiasts and Navy Seals: https://traumaprevention.com/tre-for-sports/

Watch this video to learn how to try TRE on your own. From minutes 9 through 15, she guides you through the warm-up and tremor exercises.

I first heard of TRE about one year ago from a client and tried them and could feel the tremor and release of tension during the first round. Now, about one year later, I’ve been practicing weekly and have experienced that over time, it’s easier and quicker to slip into the state where the tremors begin. It always starts with my thighs shaking in and out at different pulsing rates, then changes into smaller or larger pulses, sometimes it’s more into my pelvis and sacrum and even up through my torso into a side to side wiggle and through the neck with little arm twitches as well. I can feel my hands get warm and my whole body relax. There is something that is deeply meditative that occurs from TRE.

If you have any chronic health conditions or concerns regarding trying TRE, please seek out a certified practitioner by using the directory listed here. https://traumaprevention.com/tre-provider-list/

Locally, in Bend, there are trained providers who can walk you through the TRE process. There are group classes held at The Hive, as well as individual sessions with a trained therapist at the Inner Collective.