Beth & Gary:

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I worked with Tyler for several weeks in the gym. He is patient, knowledgeable and such a pleasure to train with. I am almost 60 years old. Tyler pushed me to be my best without injuring or over-stressing my body. I am so thankful and so appreciative of his expertise, experience and compassion. Thanks again, Tyler!

Josh’s Experience:

bend sports massageMy recent sabbatical took me to Bend for a month of mountain biking 5-6 days a week. While I was there I took the time to get a 90 minute session with Tyler every week. His deep tissue massages and stretching techniques worked out the knots and tightness from a spring of hard training and made a month of hard riding much more enjoyable. Even after the first session I was already feeling better. By the end of the month my legs were feeling the best they have in years. Highly recommended! – Josh

Ask Shelly about her experience:

 movement therapy portlandWorking with Tyler at Pacific Crest Performance has taught me how to integrate fitness into my daily life.  I am stronger and leaner, which makes me more confident. He has shown me how I can turn any daily task into a fitness opportunity.  I have scoliosis and have struggled with strength differences between my right and left sides.  This imbalance has caused lower back pain and has impacted my running.  Improving and maintaining my core strength has eliminated the pain. I am training to be fit for life! I want to know I can tackle a challenging hike, a week long backpacking trip or challenge myself to a new 10k PR.

My activities change throughout the year from running to hiking/backpacking to snowshoeing and skiing. I wanted the guidance from an expert who could personalize my workouts — it’s made a huge difference from just dabbling in the gym. Since starting with Tyler at Pacific Crest Performance I have set PRs for both 5k and 10k running events.  And now I can also do pull-ups! – Shelly

Take a look at Tom’s experience moving with us:

movement therapyAlthough I was a fairly athletic young man, work and life piled up over the years and even though I stayed relatively active (golf on the weekends and walks around the neighborhood), my condition slipped – I gained weight and became more and more sedentary.  I’d still try and do the things I used to be able to do, and just chalk up my shortcomings to age. . . the tipping point came when I went skiing and tore my ACL – a significant injury that put me in North Lake Physical Therapy for rehab.  To be honest, I enjoyed the challenges that the rehab process presented, and began to notice the others who were working with the personal trainers in the same facility.

Tyler’s been great – we talked about what I wanted to accomplish, what I was willing to do/not do, and we set out to build on the progress that I’d made in rehab. We meet once a week and I’ve built a routine of getting at least an hour of exercise on my own, daily.  The changes have been noticeable:  I’m definitely more flexible and stronger than I was  – I’m driving the golf ball past my friends – and my ‘shape’ is changing – the ‘love handles’ are disappearing, and I’m down a full clothing size. Tyler pointed out some eating changes that I could make, and they definitely have been effective. I recently had a physical exam, and my physician reduced the dosage of my blood pressure medications, again a result of the physical efforts and changes we’ve made. Without a doubt, Tyler has been a positive influence in my life – I look forward to meeting with him each week, and building on the progress we’ve made so far.- Tom


Testimonies“Excellent therapy for tightness, weak joints and flexibility!  Truly a restorative therapeutic addition to your health and wellness routine.  Tyler can help restore your mobility, posture, and functionality.  Highly recommend.”

Listen to Geri’s Story:

After years of chronic muscle and joint pain my longtime massage therapist referred me to Tyler for FST. I was fascinated by this technique and pleased with the results of Tyler’s bodywork. After three FST sessions Tyler mentioned that I would achieve better results if I incorporated strength training into my life. TRANSLATION: Geri, you should be working out! I very reluctantly agreed to give workouts with Tyler a try. With my 60th birthday a year away, we discussed my goals of getting stronger, more fit, and pain-free. We established a nutrition plan to boost my metabolism. Tyler has been super supportive and understanding of what I thought my physical limitations were. In truth, those limitations were mostly mental.
The past year of workouts have been a life changing JOY for me. Tyler’s training is functional! He has improved my mobility, stamina, strength, motivation, and, my golf game! Tyler pushes me beyond my imagination in a gentle, caring manner. The combination of movement, FST, and Tyler is a winning one for me!!!- Geri

And John’s Experience:

My wife introduced me to Tyler, now we both are clients.  I have to say, I am very pleased with how much stronger I am….it is sneaky.  Tyler’s approach is very functional.  It is about living and being able to handle all of life’s challenges, like hauling heavy suitcases upstairs.  The best news is my wife is getting so strong, she can carry her own suitcase.  Seriously, I feel stronger in all my favorite activities.  I am hitting the golf ball further, cycling faster and standing more straight.- John

More from Clients:

“I’m 61 and generally fit and active, but after a nagging shoulder injury kept me from my normal workout routine I decided a personal trainer might be the way to go. I wanted someone to help me work on my overall conditioning and avoid re-injuring my shoulder. After meeting with Tyler and discussing my situation I decided to jump in.  It’s been excellent! Tyler uses a great variety of routines hitting all parts of my body. Every session has been upbeat and interesting – and challenging. My shoulder has also improved throughout the sessions. Having never worked with a personal trainer before I wasn’t sure how beneficial it would be, but it’s been more helpful than I expected, and I whole heartedly recommend Tyler to anyone interested in furthering their physical condition.” – Tom

“FST has been an amazing tool for me! I have just recently starteddoing yoga about six months now, where I first heard about FST. At first I was unsure if this could help me. Shortly after the first session my mind was made up! I can’t think of a more effective way of learning how my body works. I have had many problems with old injuries and new. Some required surgery, which I would have opted out of knowing what I know now. My first session was very informative to understanding my body, and what the injuries had done to it. I was given great advice, and sent home with homework! While doing the homework, I could feel the change in my mobility. I didn’t wait too long for the second session, during which I gained even more mobility, and even a little strength. I have learned that it is going to take patience and time for my body to heal. Now that I have a few sessions under my belt my pain levels are down, and mobility is up. I would not have the same response that I have been getting without the help. The knowledge and the willingness to share has provided outstanding results! FST worked for me!!” – Cory

“I visited Tyler at the suggestion of my yoga instructor.  I was suffering from a limit in range of motion in my right shoulder. Tyler, using his Fascial Stretching techniques provided significant assistance in improving range of motion.  However, that was not the only benefit.  Tyler suggested state of the art stretching techniques to help, and additions to my regular exercise routine that helped strengthen the joint. Without hesitation I recommend Tyler and his very knowledgeable services.  The community is lucky to have this resource for assistance. If you have a problem like me, I highly recommend Tyler and Fascial Stretch Therapy as a first step in solving joint range of motion issues, and joint strength.” – Craig