After years of chronic muscle and joint pain my longtime massage therapist referred me to Tyler for FST. I was fascinated by this technique and pleased with the results of Tyler’s bodywork. After three FST sessions Tyler mentioned that I would achieve better results if I incorporated strength training into my life. TRANSLATION: Geri, you should be working out! I very reluctantly agreed to give workouts with Tyler a try. With my 60 th birthday a year away, we discussed my goals of getting stronger, more fit, and painfree. We established a nutrition plan to boost my metabolism. Tyler has been super supportive and understanding of what I thought my physical limitations were. In truth, those limitations were mostly mental.
The past year of workouts have been a life changing JOY for me. Tyler’s training is functional! He has improved my mobility, stamina, strength, motivation, and, my golf game! Tyler pushes me beyond my imagination in a gentle, caring manner. The combination of workouts, FST, and Tyler is a winning one for me!!!- Geri