“FST has been an amazing tool for me! I have just recently started
doing yoga about six months now, where I first heard about FST. At
first I was unsure if this could help me. Shortly after the first
session my mind was made up! I can’t think of a more effective way of
learning how my body works. I have had many problems with old injuries
and new. Some required surgery, which I would have opted out of
knowing what I know now. My first session was very informative to
understanding my body, and what the injuries had done to it. I was
given great advice, and sent home with homework! While doing the
homework, I could feel the change in my mobility. I didn’t wait too
long for the second session, during which I gained even more mobility,
and even a little strength. I have learned that it is going to take
patience and time for my body to heal. Now that I have a few sessions
under my belt my pain levels are down, and mobility is up. I would not
have the same response that I have been getting without the help from
Renée. The knowledge that she has and the willingness to share has
provided outstanding results! FST worked for me!!” – Cory

Cory- Fascial Stretch Therapy