Sports Massage is great for athletes of all backgrounds and body types. Those who knead the pressure and the hurt-so-good to feel the change. If you appreciate elbows in your thighs and muscle stripping, then sign-up below if you dare.

sports massage portland oregon

Sports massage sessions are fully customized to your needs and goals.

Modalities will likely include trigger point release (camping out on knots), deep tissue (stripping out stuck tissue), petrissage (grasping and pulling), myofascial release (longer holds to release fascia), PNF stretching (contract-relax stretching), tapotement (percussion to relax or activate muscles) and muscle activation (specific cues to fire weak muscles).

Be prepared to feel the intensity, the burn, and to sweat. Towels are not provided although a calm ocean background is. It’s the ultimate test to see how relaxed you can be when there’s an elbow pressing your muscle fibers against your bone. You’ll have moments where you can’t speak and maybe bursts of laughter, everyone handles pain differently. There’s no judgement here, only some good ‘ol pressure. Trust me, you’ll say thank you later.

*Make sure to be well-hydrated before and after the session, water is the preferred choice, even though Portland has great selection of local micro-brews and wine. If you are or have been sick recently, deep massage can further exacerbate the symptoms, so it may be best to reschedule. Light to moderate exercise is recommended the following day or two, however coming in extremely sore to the touch can be difficult to tolerate (for both of us).

Therapeutic Sports Massage is Effective at:

Stripping out myofascial adhesions

Stretching restricted muscles and fascia

Providing relief from pain

Increasing circulation to stagnant regions

Increasing recovery

Re-establishing neuro connections

Enhancing muscle activation

Clearing sinus pressure

Relieving cramping and tension headaches

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