So I had an opportunity this month to write-up a post for a legitimate blog called the Fitness Handbook. They feature posts on a wide variety of topics by trainers and professionals who want to share their knowledge with others, and also compete with the massive amount of instagram “trainers” out there selling unreliable info and products.

I felt inspired to write about foam rolling, or as many know today as self-myofascial release. Here is the opening paragraph from the post. Click on the link below to read the whole article, and browse around The Fitness Handbook to see if anything else catches your curiosity.

“With the recent explosion of books like Becoming A Supple Leopard that emphasize self-mobilization techniques, more active populations, including trainers, are looking to foam rollers and lacrosse balls to fix their limited mobility and pain. But is this safe for everyone (including our clients who range in age, fitness level, and overall health)? Let’s start with a quick background of terms to clarify what Self-Myofascial Release really means.”