Welcome to the Restore Marketplace! I regularly get asked from clients what products I use or what supplements I recommend. Here are some links to products I have either personally used or I have seen the positive effects from client’s use. Remember to consult your doctor before taking any nutritional food products.

The Grid Foam Roller sold on Amazon: My top recommendation for those looking to maintain mobility in between sessions and really make a difference in their recovery.

Stick Roller: Great for travel and getting out trigger points, knots, and increasing circulation and recovery.

Yoga Strap: Use for stretching and increasing range of motion. Especially useful for hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, and shoulders.

Yoga Blocks: I recommend using at least one of these blocks for a supported bridge to release the anterior hips, core, and abdominal viscera while reversing blood flow due to being mildly inverted. Two blocks are useful for added stability during certain yoga postures.

Normatec Compression System: I don’t recommend this compression technology for everyone due to health risks, however, I have seen it dramatically improve client’s outcomes such as decreasing blod pressure, calf cramping and straining, as well as lymph drainage. There are upper body attachments that could be useful for climbers as well.

Shoe Leveler: Just sprained an ankle or fractured a metatarsal and now wearing a boot for 6 weeks? Use this shoe leveler to even out the height difference between your feet in order to maintain even hips and minimize compensational patterns from affecting the rest of your body while you heal.

Altra Trail Shoes (My all-time favorite shoe for hiking and trail running. Has a wide toe box, so it allows for a more natural toe splay and can be used with the Correct Toes. Is also Zero Drop from heel to toe, so it encourages natural length through the posterior lower leg and Achilles Tendon. This is key for achieving myofascial balance in the lower leg compartments as well up the chain to the pelvis position and spine. I’m able to travel 15-20 miles without foot circulation problems, cramping, or squished toes!

Pain and Stiffness Cream for joint, muscle, and connective tissue relief from strains, sprains, and bruising. Great for self-massage!

Toe Spacers at a fraction of the cost of Correct Toes, although I haven’t personally tried these to test the quality, I can attest to the Correct Toes and how useful they are to highlight the differences between both feet. Caution, without toe socks on these, can cause significant abrasion and blistering while running/hiking. They do work great for around town walking and fitness training.

Tuisy Air Tubes: EMF blocking ear buds that reduce harmful EMF from entering into your cranial cavity. If you spend regular time talking on your cell phone, these are a must. Instead of having your phone next to your hear emitting harmful waves directly into your brain, these ear phones reduce the EMF exposure.

Organic Bone Broth Protein (my go-to for adding protein, fat, and collagen to smoothies for enhanced tissue repair).

Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate (for joint support and recovery). Add to smoothies or mix with water, vitamin C, and lemon juice for a connective tissue repair and electrolyte drink.


Yogi Tea is an awesome product that provides healthy natural herb formulas to supplement our lifestyle. Joint Comfort is designed to help improve joint circulation, healing, and integrity. Another great lightweight option for long-distance hiking.

Choice Teas offer some of my favorite herbal and medicinal tea blends including the Reishi Matcha and Shiitake Turmeric. Give your immune system a boost naturally and experience the many benefits of these ancient herbs..

Cod Liver Oil is an excellent addition for regular cell and whole-body health due to its highly available omega 3 essential fatty acids, vitamin D, vitamin A, and vitamin E. I don’t recommend using this on the trail due to its obvious weight and need to stay cool. 

Restore: Promotes Gut-Brain Health, Alleviates Gluten Sensitivity, Enhances Mental Clarity, and Strengthens Immune Function and Digestive Wellness. Restore works to support the tight junctions throughout the digestive tract promoting healing and protection from environmental toxins that end up in our food supply.

C8 MCT Oil: High in healthy saturated fat derived from coconut oil, 100% MCT oil is a great addition to tea, coffee, or smoothies and healthy for the gut/brain axis improving cognitive function, gut health, and more.

Still Point Inducer: From Upledger Institute, the leader in CranioSacral Education, this suboccipital release tool is great for those who hold chronic tension at the base of their head where the neck muscles attach. If you need more consistent relief from tension headaches, tight jaw, and tight upper shoulders, and help you relax before bed or during computer work this tool will help.