Restore = to Heal, to Bring Back New

Restorative programs are used to access a state of harmony and healing. They are not exercise or fitness routines aimed toward performing, although when practiced regularly, they will lead to enhanced function. To restore is to heal, to repair, or bring back new. The body is resilient and can heal if allowed. The environment, nutrition, hydration, sleep, and movement are all ways we can customize to our needs in order to access restoration.

I have found that in addition to regular movement including walking, resistance training, yoga, tai chi, and a healthy diet, a regular meditation and breathing practice has resulted in a positive transformation of body and mind.

Included on this site are both general and specific meditation and breathing practices as well as other restorative strategies. If you find you are looking for more personal instruction, we can connect for a session to customize your experience.


Meditation is a powerful and sacred way to cultivate balance between your body, mind, spirit, and environment. It has been used for thousands of years to join the intuitive and rational minds, to study the thoughts, and to bring ease to the soul. Meditation is a way of being silent, still, and alone with your self and with your beliefs, attitudes, emotions, and body simultaneously in a moment of time. This often scares those who have difficulty slowing down long enough to receive the joy and peace that comes with practice. It is those who prefer activity, busyness, and accomplishing tasks that find it hard to be still.

I highly recommend meditation to clients who are seeking balance in their bodies, but have yet to experience the benefits of a regular meditation practice. There is a strong connection between the nervous system and tone of our muscles and connective tissue, the resiliency of our nerves, and health of our circulatory system, and overall the health of our bodies.


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Breathing may seem like a no-brainer when talking about restorative practices. Hey, if you’re not breathing, you’re not living! However, there are beneficial ways to breathe that will change the way you feel while bringing increased clarity, focus, stamina, and longevity to your physiology.

Shallow breathing, or chest/neck breathing is a widespread compensation to leading a sedentary lifestyle, being under chronic stress, and from a lack of mind/body awareness. Thankfully, there is hope! The yogi’s and Taoist’s have developed several simple and effective breathing strategies that can bring life to your cells. Longevity Breathing has been the most beneficial for myself and clients in experiencing the positive physical and mental changes after only a short time of practicing.


Movement is not only essential for our survival, but is key to thriving. Movement on a system level effects movement at the tissue, organ, and cellular level. To move is to live and to bring balance to your health there are movements that enhance the restorative process.

I encourage clients to explore a variety of movements that offer a deeper level of recovery, a sense of peace, joy, rest, and creativity. Movement can be specific ailment, ache or pain, muscular imbalance, or emotional state. Learning to move in a way to promotes healing is key to building your restorative routine and pushing the limits in your sport or striving for longevity in life.



Rest includes primary sleep, but can also describe scheduled days off from physical activity, work, or routine to set apart time for your whole person. It’s easy in modern times to stay busy, to hustle, and to always be moving from one thing to the next. Rest can and should be daily, weekly, and seasonally and will look different person to person.

Learning to sleep well seems like something that shouldn’t require much attention, and may not for some. But for those who don’t experience quality sleep naturally can benefit from experimenting from setting a sleep routine, which includes a consistent sleep-wake time cycle, before bed routines, and avoidance practices to enhance sleep quality.


Recovery strategies can make or break your career as an athlete, whether you can bounce back from a weekend fall on the slopes, or keep up with your grand kids. Blending ancient recovery practices with modern science allows for individuals to experience the full range of benefits.

Foam rolling, hydrotherapy, advanced compression techniques can help those who are performing on a regular basis or managing a condition or injury.


Restorative programming can be customized to fit your needs and goals. If you’d like to dive deeper to create a plan, we can connect in-person or over Zoom.

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