primal postures for modern livingLearn how sitting on the floor can improve your posture, mobility, and overall health. Primal Postures for Modern Living offers 10 natural positions humans were designed to sit in as a solution to combat chair-sitting in today’s world. These easy-to-use postures will bring you back to your primal being offering benefits beyond musculoskeletal alignment such as improved mood, breathing, movement efficiency, and recovery.

About Primal Postures for Modern Living

After sitting in chairs, cars, couches, then sleeping, one travels through the day without sitting on the floor. The simple act of getting up and down from the floor becomes more difficult as we age. In Primal Postures for Modern Living, I detail out 10 core sitting postures all humans should use on a daily basis. These forms of sitting are ways we are designed to rest and recover without the modern slump of couches.

I pull from various movement and therapy backgrounds to list out each posture with sitting positional cues, descriptions, risks, and benefits. Modifications are listed for those who need to work around osteoarthritis, degeneration, and tightness. Also offered are ways to advance each posture so there is progression over time. Readers will find similarities with yoga and natural movement that is a blend of science and pure observation.