What is Personal Training?

Personal training is a general term that includes working with clients one-on-one with the goal of improving specific aspects of health and performance. Movement quality, strength training, injury prevention, flexibility, recovery, and nutrition are all areas where we help our clients achieve success. Quality movement is one key area of personal training that we emphasize a lot during our sessions. Without moving well, we fall into a trap of working out at the cost of our joints and emotional health. I prefer to first see how my clients move naturally in order to assess weak points, compensation patterns, and movement imbalances.  I then program exercise and mobility progressions that are suitable to strengthen those weak points in order to develop a more well-rounded movement platform to build from.

With a holistic view of the body and health, we incorporate several facets of wellness, lifestyle, and performance into your plan. The individualized attention that comes with training sessions is all geared toward helping you achieve your goals and creating a personalized, safe, effective, and progressive plan for YOU. Personal training with Pacific Crest Performance will ensure you will receive the top tier of expertise, skills, and results you are looking for.

Personal training Sessions Include:

  • Initial Health History and Intake
  • Posture Assessment and Movement Screens
  • Custom personal training sessions with a blend of strength, mobility, balance, recovery, conditioning.
  • Personalized Sessions for Optimal Progression and Efficiency
  • Self-Care Homework

What to Expect During Our Sessions:

  • Our full undivided attention on YOU
  • Safe movement progressions
  • Functional movement that will challenge you to move with better quality, efficiency, and ease
  • Variable movements that will take you outside of your comfort zone preparing you life’s demands
  • Regular time to re-assess current movement abilities and re-adjust goals

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