Movement screening using natural range of motion assessments and the Functional Movement Screen is essential for athletes at any level and age. A tremendous amount of time and energy is spent on training for events, competitions, and accomplishing personal goals but often without the emphasis on quality of movement before, during, and after. The off-season is the ideal moment to seize slowing down and being thoroughly assessed for weaknesses, strengths, and imbalances so your training program can be altered preventing injury and yielding better results.

movement screenThe FMS looks at 7 key movement patterns that are inherent to the way humans function in any sport:

  1. Squat
  2. Lunge
  3. Single-leg hurdle
  4. Straight-leg raise
  5. Rotary stability
  6. Shoulder mobility
  7. Trunk stability push-up


I also include several other orthopedic tests, floor sitting postures, and natural movements we should all strive to achieve and maintain in order to prevent injury and recover optimally. Learn more about the Functional Movement Screen here at Gray Cook’s website, as well as this article from advanced fitness concepts.

Movement Screen Assessments cost $60 per hour for individuals.

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