Pacific Crest Performance: Movement 101

  1. Movement Principle #1- QUALITY BEFORE QUANTITY: Learn to move the way nature intended, with fluidity, strength, and efficiency. Build a stable foundation with healthy and strong feet. Create symmetry front to back and left to right with both mobile and stable joints that can move throughout full ranges of motion. Accomplish standard functional movement patterns before advancing. Emphasis is placed on creating balance throughout the body so when demand is increased with intensity or volume, you do not fall apart. Patience and determination are the biggest struggles in this phase, since everyone wants to train to do their activity as quickly as possible. Do the detailed work up front and avoid unnecessary wear and tear.
  2. Movement Principle #2- PRACTICE MOVEMENT, DON’T TRAIN MUSCLES:¬†Muscle will respond to the specific stimulus we apply to them. Bodybuilders focus on hypertrophy using a set of principles. When it comes to performance, athletics, and quality of life, moving with ease and efficiency comes from regular practice of full range of motion functional movements; squat, lunge, push, pull, and rotate. Once movements are mastered, loading the body with weight in varying directions and planes with intensity adds real-life value to training.
  3. Movement Principle #3- ADOPT SELF-CARE STRATEGIES: Everyone can use some more love. Sedentary, or athletic, implementing multiple strategies to address tissue restrictions, mobility limitations, and better manage stress will keep you in the game longer with less aches and pains. Take these with you wherever you go. Learn about your body and develop a deeper self-awareness that will transfer over into your training.
  4. Movement Principle #4- EXPAND YOUR MOVEMENT BUBBLE: Don’t be a 1-sport athlete. I’m sorry to break the bad news, but we were designed to move in multiple planes that involved full-body integration such as climbing, swimming, lifting, and throwing. Find various activities that challenge your body in different ways so it can maintain strong bones, connective tissue, and solid movement patterns. This also keeps our brains healthy and ready to adapt to our environment.
  5. Movement Principle #5- USE YOUR TRAINING IN NATURE: The gym is our laboratory. It’s a tool to analyze movement, exploit our weak points, and train smart. Test out your fitness in nature’s playground. Find activities that engage your senses, so you’re not focusing so much on working out, but having fun and getting fresh air. This will help you avoid burnout, plan and periodize your workouts, and stay connected with a force larger than human.