Floor Sitting Postures

Modern life today is spent off the floor. With most beds raised off the ground, we wake up, sit in the bathroom, sit at the table to eat breakfast, then sit in the car to go to work, and sit at our desk. All of this repetitive sitting with days and months passing without ever actually sitting on the ground. Why is sitting in a 90-degree hip flexed position so detrimental to human health and performance?

7 Reasons to Limit Your Chair Time:

1. Leads to tight hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, and core.
2. Shifts the head of the femur forward in the hip capsule, which is not an optimal position for mobility and stability, which is often felt as a cramping pinch in the hip crease.
3. Breaks the kinetic chain into a weak position so pelvic girdle and spine are compromised.
4. More difficult to keep shoulders retracted and head back in a neutral position.
5. Limits return blood flow from the legs back to the heart, decreasing circulation, and overworking your heart.
6. Often results in inactive posterior hip muscles- glutes, hamstrings, rotators.
7. Chest and heart collapse forward restricting breathing patterns and positive emotions.

So how do we fix this? Stand and sit on the floor! Is the answer really so simple? YES! As with any new movement or exercise, start with small durations of sitting in the various postures shown here. If all you can do is 5 min every hour, great! It’s a start in the right direction toward more mobile hips, more stable spine, and an enhanced quality of life. Check out my ebook Primal Postures for Modern Living more information on how to add floor postures and exercises into your daily routine.

Floor Sitting Postures

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