Fascial Stretch Therapy™

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) assisted stretching is a whole-body movement system designed to promote balance throughout your neuromyofascial network. Fascial Stretch Therapy uses variations of lengthening, twisting, and oscillating movements to foster natural human range of motion, realign the myofascial system, and assess for imbalances in strength and mobility.

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Benefits of Fascial Stretch Therapy

Reduce injuries to reach your goals in fitness, recreation, and sports

Improve posture and functional ability

Regain youthful natural movement

Boost energy flow and circulation

Enhance sports performance

Re-educate healthy motion

Most people haven’t experienced hip stretching like this before!

Fascial Stretch Therapy can be used to locate imbalances, free restrictions, and enhance movement capabilities. In combination with massage therapy, functional movement, and self-care protocols, FST is a powerful tool to achieve balance in the body.

FST is performed with the client wearing flexible clothing in order to maximize the complete range of motion without the worry of draping. However, it is also very useful during a massage therapy session to use FST after freeing up any stuck tissue, assessing joint range of motion, and incorporating the myofascial lines. Clients often report feeling lighter, being able to move easier, and feel more aware of how their joints are moving.

There are two distinct characteristics that set Fascial Stretch Therapy apart from other forms of stretching:

1- Tractioning the joint to create space from the deep fascial layers encasing the joint

2- Creating length and balance along the entire myofascial chain.

“The FST hip stretches relieve my back stiffness like no other treatment has been able to .”

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“The second I stepped off of the table, I could feel how free and open my hips were. I could move them with ease again.”

fascial stretch therapy portland

“After each session, I gain more depth in my squat that I lose from sitting and not stretching during the week.”

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What to expect during your FST session:

Health History Intake

Posture and Movement Assessments

Pain-Free Stretching

Re-assessment of Posture and Movement

Personalized home exercises for strength or flexibility so your results last longer!

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