Having a coach to lead you through specific aspects of health can be extremely valuable in a fast-paced time where there is too much conflicting information. How much of what kind of food should I eat or avoid? What exercises should I make sure I fit in this week to optimize my health or prevent injury? As your personal health coach, I will listen to your needs and goals and design a custom plan that finds that balance of inspiring you to make positive change in your life, while avoiding confusion and burnout.

Being healthy is something that takes time and shouldn’t be stressful. Sadly, in today’s age, there are powers that don’t want you to be healthy. So, they fund and manipulate scientific research to confuse us. They lobby politicians and regulate the insurance industry, influence how doctors practice, and bombard our minds and tug on our emotions with media advertisements and fear campaigns.

As your coach, I will help simplify your approach to health so you can begin to feel the difference and truly embody what it means to be vibrant and healthy.

My coaching paradigm is a combination of scientific research and time-tested practices that lead to optimal wellness and longevity. The environment, nutrition, hydration, sleep, mind/body, and movement are all key areas that can be fine-tuned to create a holistic plan for you, regardless of where you are currently at.


Meditation is a powerful and sacred way to cultivate balance between your body, mind, spirit, and environment. It has been used for thousands of years to join the intuitive and rational minds, to study the thoughts, and to bring ease to the soul. Meditation is a way of being silent, still, and alone with your self and with your beliefs, attitudes, emotions, and body simultaneously in a moment of time. This often scares those who have difficulty slowing down long enough to receive the joy and peace that comes with practice. It is those who prefer activity, busyness, and accomplishing tasks that find it hard to be still.

I highly recommend meditation to clients who are seeking balance in their bodies, but have yet to experience the benefits of a regular meditation practice. There is a strong connection between the nervous system and tone of our muscles and connective tissue, the resiliency of our nerves, and health of our circulatory system, and overall the health of our bodies.

restorative programs


Movement is not only essential for our survival, but is key to thriving. Movement on a system level effects movement at the tissue, organ, and cellular level. To move is to live and to bring balance to your health there are movements that enhance the restorative process.

I encourage clients to explore a variety of movements that offer a deeper level of recovery, a sense of joy, fun, and fresh air. I specialize in creating custom exercise programs for clients looking to gain strength, flexibility, recovery, and correct muscular imbalances. With my background in training, yoga, and physical therapy, I combine all aspects of my learning to build a holistic program.


Your relationship with food and the food choices you make directly affect your health. If you eat out of an emotional state such as anger, sadness, loneliness, or chronic stress then the whole sacred experience of obtaining nourishment is out of balance. I support a whole-foods clean eating style that promotes mindfulness, healing, balance, and longevity. I utilize several well-researched books to help guide our nutrition plan for you one step at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed.



Breathing may seem like a no-brainer when talking about restorative practices. Hey, if you’re not breathing, you’re not living! However, there are beneficial ways to breathe that will change the way you feel while bringing increased clarity, focus, stamina, and longevity to your physiology.

Shallow breathing, or chest/neck breathing is a widespread compensation to leading a sedentary lifestyle, being under chronic stress, and from a lack of mind/body awareness. Thankfully, there is hope! The yogi’s and Taoist’s have developed several simple and effective breathing strategies that can bring life to your cells. Longevity Breathing has been the most beneficial for myself and clients in experiencing the positive physical and mental changes after only a short time of practicing.


Rest includes primary sleep, but can also describe scheduled days off from physical activity, work, or routine to set apart time for your whole person. It’s easy in modern times to stay busy, to hustle, and to always be moving from one thing to the next. Rest can and should be daily, weekly, and seasonally and will look different person to person.

Learning to sleep well seems like something that shouldn’t require much attention, and may not for some. But for those who don’t experience quality sleep naturally can benefit from experimenting from setting a sleep routine, which includes a consistent sleep-wake time cycle, before bed routines, and avoidance practices to enhance sleep quality.



Recovery strategies can make or break your career as an athlete, whether you can bounce back from a weekend fall on the slopes, or keep up with your grand kids. Blending ancient recovery practices with modern science allows for individuals to experience the full range of benefits.

Foam rolling, hydrotherapy, advanced compression techniques can help those who are performing on a regular basis or managing a condition or injury.

Coaching can be customized to fit your needs and goals. If you’d like to discuss working together, let’s connect in-person, via phone/email, or over Zoom.

Due to the recent closures and limits on gym attendance, I am setting my pricing at $50/hr to allow for flexibility in whether clients wish to solely meet via Zoom or in person. Depending on the frequency of live meeting sessions/phone calls, let’s work together to create an affordable plan that works for both of us.


Beth & Gary’s Coaching Experience

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I worked with Tyler for several weeks in the gym. He is patient, knowledgeable and such a pleasure to train with. I am almost 60 years old. Tyler pushed me to be my best without injuring or over-stressing my body. I am so thankful and so appreciative of his expertise, experience and compassion. Thanks again, Tyler!

Ask Shelly about her coaching

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Working with Tyler at Pacific Crest Performance has taught me how to integrate fitness into my daily life.  I am stronger and leaner, which makes me more confident. He has shown me how I can turn any daily task into a fitness opportunity.  I have scoliosis and have struggled with strength differences between my right and left sides.  This imbalance has caused lower back pain and has impacted my running.  Improving and maintaining my core strength has eliminated the pain. I am training to be fit for life! I want to know I can tackle a challenging hike, a week long backpacking trip or challenge myself to a new 10k PR.My activities change throughout the year from running to hiking/backpacking to snowshoeing and skiing. I wanted the guidance from an expert who could personalize my workouts — it’s made a huge difference from just dabbling in the gym. Since starting with Tyler at Pacific Crest Performance I have set PRs for both 5k and 10k running events.  And now I can also do pull-ups! – Shelly

Tom’s experience coaching

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Although I was a fairly athletic young man, work and life piled up over the years and even though I stayed relatively active (golf on the weekends and walks around the neighborhood), my condition slipped – I gained weight and became more and more sedentary.  I’d still try and do the things I used to be able to do, and just chalk up my shortcomings to age. . . the tipping point came when I went skiing and tore my ACL – a significant injury that put me in North Lake Physical Therapy for rehab.  To be honest, I enjoyed the challenges that the rehab process presented, and began to notice the others who were working with the personal trainers in the same facility. Tyler’s been great – we talked about what I wanted to accomplish, what I was willing to do/not do, and we set out to build on the progress that I’d made in rehab. We meet once a week and I’ve built a routine of getting at least an hour of exercise on my own, daily.  The changes have been noticeable:  I’m definitely more flexible and stronger than I was  – I’m driving the golf ball past my friends – and my ‘shape’ is changing – the ‘love handles’ are disappearing, and I’m down a full clothing size. Tyler pointed out some eating changes that I could make, and they definitely have been effective. I recently had a physical exam, and my physician reduced the dosage of my blood pressure medications, again a result of the physical efforts and changes we’ve made. Without a doubt, Tyler has been a positive influence in my life – I look forward to meeting with him each week, and building on the progress we’ve made so far.- Tom

And John

My wife introduced me to Tyler, now we both are clients.  I have to say, I am very pleased with how much stronger I am….it is sneaky.  Tyler’s approach is very functional.  It is about living and being able to handle all of life’s challenges, like hauling heavy suitcases upstairs.  The best news is my wife is getting so strong, she can carry her own suitcase.  Seriously, I feel stronger in all my favorite activities.  I am hitting the golf ball further, cycling faster and standing more straight.- John

Tyler Kragerud

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