Detoxification Massage

Most people think of massage as a way to relax through the popular pressure stokes experienced in a spa or wellness environment. However, there are various other types of manual therapy that can be beneficial for various health conditions including manual lymphatic drainage, or MLD, and CranioSacral Therapy, or CST. One of the things I [...]

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Hip Flexor Pain | Movement Impairment Syndrome

As I dive deeper into learning the nuances of the human body and movement, I have been intrigued by certain patterns that emerge. I see similar symptoms when working with all kinds of athletes who range in body type, sport, and daily living. Although the choice of recreation and career varies, we all share a [...]

GoRuck Tough Challenge Recap

After training for 4 months for the GoRuck Tough Challenge, I successfully completed the 12-hour, 16.5-mile team event. Each event is different based upon the actual real-life experiences of the cadre who spent time in the US Special Forces. Our Cadre designed mock missions for our 10-person group to complete at the specific time and [...]

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