Bieler Broth: Anti-Stress, Pro-Adrenal, Acid-Alkaline Tonic

With the popularity of bone broth and its fantastic health benefits recently, I began to review other broths and their therapeutic effects. "Physician Henry Bieler recommended the Bieler Broth for fasting, energy, and for overall health. He noted the combination of vegetables was ideal for restoring acid-alkaline and sodium-potassium balance to the organs and glands [...]

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2 Ways to Eat Chia

Despite their tiny size, these suckers pack a healthy punch! Originally grown in Mexico, the seeds were highly valued for their medicinal properties and nutritional value. In fact, they were even used as currency! It’s even been stated that Aztec warriors used chia seeds to increase energy and endurance. In the Mayan language, chia actually [...]

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Bone Broth for Healing and Performance

Benefits of Bone Broth: Helps heal leaky gut syndrome by restoring gut lining and promoting growth of probiotics (good bacteria) Helps to overcome food intolerances, which are caused by thinning/permeability of the gut lining. Improves joint health via collagen, which is in all bones, skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and marrow. It is easily absorbed when [...]

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6 Steps to a Balanced Lifestyle

Changing your lifestyle means emphasizing quality repetition, practice, and intention as key ingredients to successfully healing your mind and body. This means without restructuring your lifestyle to adopt to training goals, one will often suffer the consequences: burnout, over-training, sleep problems, injury, and nutritional deficiencies. By emphasizing specific areas in your life that often go overlooked you [...]

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A quick snack option

One of my favorite ways to snack is by combining various natural ingredients into a bowl. Here I added sliced banana, chia seeds, hemp hearts, shredded coconut, and kefir together for a nutritious and easy snack before bed. Other additions that have gone well are cinnamon, berries, chocolate milk, and a nut butter. A great [...]

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Coconut Power Balls

I first heard of these densely-packed energy balls from a patient who came into our studio in Portland. Thankfully, they left a recipe that I quickly snapped a picture after tasting them. Here is the link from the recipe: I love these for longer days at work, around the house for a quick snack, and [...]

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How to transition out of the Whole 30

After a stressful 3 months in grad school sleeping 4-5 hours per night with a cranky baby in the bedroom, I had weighed in at 210 lbs. Yes, part of it was intentional muscle mass due to 1-2 days a week of heavy Olympic lifting, but there was chub on my belly and cheeks that's [...]

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A new breakfast for 2016

After completing the Whole 30 in June 2014, I maintained a paleo diet for way too long, about 9 months! This would have been fine and healthy if I had had a balance of veggies versus meat, but I didn't. However, I did get the idea when my body was signaling me to stop with [...]

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Quick and affordable Pesto

Here's how I've been making a quick batch of pesto to add to my salmon, roasted veggies, eggs, and salads: 2 cups fresh basil leaves 1 cup extra virgin olive oil 1 cup walnuts (cheaper than pine nuts, but either way works) 3-4 cloves of garlic 1 tsp sea salt (or to taste) Blend it [...]

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Paleo and Vegan = Pegan "A compromise between two popular diets, the pegan diet allows for 75% veggies and fruits and 25% animal proteins, whole grains, lentils, and fats such as avocados, coconut, and nuts/seeds. Peganism has the ability to lower cholesterol and decrease the risk of diabetes according to Mark Hyman, MD."- Posted in [...]

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