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Muscle Imbalances 101

What are muscle imbalances? Have you ever experienced that certain muscles are more sore following a workout compared to others? Have you noticed chronic muscle tension after sitting in one place for too long? Do you feel the effects of training too specifically in one sport for example, especially after you change activities or [...]

What are Trigger Points and Why do they Matter?

Have you ever experienced achy muscles, tingling, or tight areas that don't respond to movement? The majority of us will answer, "Yes!", because these are common effects of living in the gravitational world. No matter how hard we try we are bound to acquire trigger points. "Posture, work conditions, sedentary habits, and injury can cause [...]

The Power of Traction

Traction goes by other names including decompression or distraction. It means to create space and unload a joint or joints typically accomplished by pulling or hanging. With Fascial Stretch Therapy, we use traction as one of the main techniques to fight the effects of gravity, repetitive activity, and poor posture. By using traction with movement [...]

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New location in Bend!

We have set-up shop in beautiful Bend, OR within Wellness Doctor Natural Healthcare and Chiropractic Sports Medicine. Renée and I will both be offering Fascial Stretch Therapy in addition to my massage therapy and bodywork. We are very excited for the new opportunity to function within a multidisciplinary environment with 2 Sports Chiropractic Physicians, 1 Acupuncturist, [...]

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Breathing & Bodywork for Daily Living & Longevity

The topic of breathing has been coming up more lately in my day-to-day sessions with clients as well as my own reading and meditation practice. There are several methods on how to instruct breathing dating back to the practices of yoga up to the current methods in physical therapy. As a massage therapist and movement [...]

FST Home Routine

The FST Home Routine is designed to help open your fascial networks and maintain your mobility between FST sessions, pre- and post-workout, and to enhance recovery. Stretch 1 has two parts: This move is called the Core 4 and is an effective way to open up the entire mass of glute tissue. Sit in side-sitting [...]

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Tuina can be translated as push/pull or push and grasp in Chinese. It combines both massage and medical theory and practice that includes the modern Swedish massage we commonly know today. In China, Tuina practitioner's study for over 7 years to learn more than relaxing massage techniques. They are the equivalent of our massage therapist, physical [...]

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The Power of Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy, FST for short, is a unique way to stretch the body using a series of natural pain-free movements. Developed by Ann and Chris Frederick in Tempe, Arizona, FST has been used by elite athletes around the globe including the most recent 2016 Olympic Games. . More information can be found on their [...]

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Chair Sitting and Your Body

They say sitting is the new smoking, and even though that may offend some, it has truth to it. Chair sitting is a modern reality we all have to endure to some degree, in our cars, at the office, and in class. Let's take a look at some key points that may reveal what is [...]

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Fascial Stretching for Runners

What do most all endurance athletes have in common? They need to stretch. 10 out of 10 runners will need to open their ankles. 9 out of 10 will need more knee space. 8 out of 10 will need more range throughout their hips. A balance between stability and mobility is vital for our joints [...]

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