Upper Cross Syndrome

Upper Cross Syndrome is a pattern of myofascial tension related to poor posture, muscle imbalances, and behavioral holding patterns. UCS is also referred to as shoulder girdle crossed syndrome due to the specific postural changes including forward head posture, increased cervical lordosis and thoracic kyphosis, elevated and protracted shoulders, and rotation and abduction and winging of the scapulae (1). These postural [...]

3 Steps to Unlock Your Hip Flexors | Movement of the Month | October 2017

3 Steps to Unlock Your Hip Flexors Movement of the Month | October 2017 The hip flexors consist of multiple muscle groups ranging from the psoas and iliacus to the glutes, adductors, quads, and sartorious. The following stretches will specifically target iliacus, psoas, and quads including surrounding fascial networks. Step 1             [...]

Breathing & Bodywork for Daily Living & Longevity

The topic of breathing has been coming up more lately in my day-to-day sessions with clients as well as my own reading and meditation practice. There are several methods on how to instruct breathing dating back to the practices of yoga up to the current methods in physical therapy. As a massage therapist and movement [...]

Strength Training for Hiking

Living in a place where hiking is so accessible allows year-around recreation and enjoyment of nature. During summertime, the higher elevation alpine environment offers spectacular benefits to those who can withstand the more rugged terrain. Steep ascents, ridgelines, creek crossings, and descents can begin to take a toll on the joints of the body such [...]

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Chair Sitting and Your Body

They say sitting is the new smoking, and even though that may offend some, it has truth to it. Chair sitting is a modern reality we all have to endure to some degree, in our cars, at the office, and in class. Let's take a look at some key points that may reveal what is [...]

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How to Exercise After Massage

General recommendations for working out after a massage include waiting 24 hours for moderate to strenuous exercise, heavy lifting, sprinting/running, high-intensity workouts (MassageTherapy.com- Bishop). Until that 24 hours has passed, light movement such as walking and swimming are advised, with most therapists highly recommending a warm Epsom salt bath to help flush out released toxins [...]

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Is every squat created equal?

squat alignment                       There is no argument. The squat is one of the most natural fundamental movements necessary for human function and survival. Squatting is necessary to lift objects from the ground, go to the bathroom, give birth, and move our bodies about [...]

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Stability and Mobility

Ideally, every muscle and joint would have stability and mobility. But we all know, that's not how life works. We develop a dominant hand and leg, we play one-sided sports, and favor sleeping on one side of our bodies. Encouraging both stability and mobility when it comes to exercise can prove helpful, but also challenging. [...]

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Use Your Floor to Enhance Recovery

What's the first thing you see runners do after a race? It depends right? Some runners catch their breath then do some stretches while others go straight for the beer garden and plan on stretching tomorrow. Consider this idea from Phillip Beach author of Muscles & Meridians, take a seat on the ground. Using the [...]

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