After completing the Whole 30 in June 2014, I maintained a paleo diet for way too long, about 9 months! This would have been fine and healthy if I had had a balance of veggies versus meat, but I didn’t. However, I did get the idea when my body was signaling me to stop with so much meat! I felt bogged down, sluggish, lean and strong, but not healthy anymore. My metabolism had kick-started on day 3 of the program, but hey, I was committed! Fast forward to December 2015 and I had still been living the remnants of the paleo diet by eating 3-4 eggs every morning with an abundance of cooked vegetables. But again, my body was telling me it was time to try something else, to make an adjustment. Why not salads? And a smoothie? I need more raw vegetables and I can still add fruit such as apples, nuts and seeds, avocados, and make it a well-rounded meal. What better way to start the day!?

I was concerned about the meal not lasting me through 3-4 hours of training and bodywork without having a drop in energy levels, so I made sure to add 2 boiled eggs for each day, and also included a fruit, vegetable, hemp, wheatgrass, kefir, cocoa smoothie. I can drink half or the whole thing depending on timing and how hungry I am in the morning based upon my activity the day before. So, far I’m on week 4 and it’s going really well. The meal is lighter so I can move around more and I know I’m getting in my daily dose of veggies first thing. It’s more balanced with multiple sources of fats and fiber. If you haven’t used a hemp protein before, I recommend Nature’s Way Organic Hemp because it’s affordable, not too grainy if you don’t add too much, and is loaded with fiber, omega’s, protein, calcium, and iron. Fred Meyer also carries it in the natural food section on sale for $10.88, or buy one get one free, or it’s available on Amazon here.

WIth 3-4 days a week consuming this breakfast, I’ve enjoyed preparing hot meals at home when not at work early in the morning.