Detoxification Massage

Most people think of massage as a way to relax through the popular pressure stokes experienced in a spa or wellness environment. However, there are various other types of manual therapy that can be beneficial for various health conditions including manual lymphatic drainage, or MLD, and CranioSacral Therapy, or CST. One of the things I [...]

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Muscle Imbalances 101

What are muscle imbalances? Have you ever experienced that certain muscles are more sore following a workout compared to others? Have you noticed chronic muscle tension after sitting in one place for too long? Do you feel the effects of training too specifically in one sport for example, especially after you change activities or [...]

PCT Section Hikes 2019

Section hiking the Oregon PCT in 2019 proved challenging yet rewarding. I traveled a record number of miles in a day pushing my body and mind past previous limits. I saw sections of the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon that I had never seen before. I also decided that I have seen the most scenic [...]

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Post-workout recovery and stress reduction techniques

With the pace of life growing rapidly as well as the amount of cumulative stress taking its toll on our health, emphasizing easy-to-use postures, exercises, and recovery techniques throughout the day and week can help our nervous system down-regulate and avoid staying in a chronic fight-or-flight state.   Try these simple techniques to enhance your [...]

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Hip Flexor Pain | Movement Impairment Syndrome

As I dive deeper into learning the nuances of the human body and movement, I have been intrigued by certain patterns that emerge. I see similar symptoms when working with all kinds of athletes who range in body type, sport, and daily living. Although the choice of recreation and career varies, we all share a [...]