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Loowit Trail #216- Hiking Around Mt. St. Helens

Since my two day trip around Mt. Hood via the Timberline Trail last year, I've been wanting to visit the Loowit Trail. I read it was between 30-32 miles depending on the access trail chosen and that the terrain was very difficult, only recommended for experienced hikers. The Loowit Trail is known for limited waters sources, [...]

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A quick snack option

One of my favorite ways to snack is by combining various natural ingredients into a bowl. Here I added sliced banana, chia seeds, hemp hearts, shredded coconut, and kefir together for a nutritious and easy snack before bed. Other additions that have gone well are cinnamon, berries, chocolate milk, and a nut butter. A great [...]

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Coconut Power Balls

I first heard of these densely-packed energy balls from a patient who came into our studio in Portland. Thankfully, they left a recipe that I quickly snapped a picture after tasting them. Here is the link from the recipe: I love these for longer days at work, around the house for a quick snack, and [...]

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