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The Ultimate Restorative Posture: Inversions

Benefits of Inversion Postures The King of asanas is the pose called Sirsasana, or Headstand. Why is it the King? It requires mobile shoulders and wrists along with stable hands, arms, shoulders, and especially core in order to assume the correct form. The same positioning is required for an overhead squat or handstand. It is [...]

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Can Foam Rolling Too Much Hurt You?

Walk into any fitness club, CrossFit, or athlete's home and you are likely to see at least one if not multiple self-care tools. Foams rollers, sticks, and sports balls of varying sizes can all be used to release tension throughout the body, increase circulation, and keep you in the game longer. Are there possible negative [...]

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Why you should use movements to assess first.

It pays to see the whole picture before diving in to the details. Otherwise, we wouldn't know where to look or how to fall back if we hit a dead-end. This is why using a movement assessment as a foundation is so valuable for anyone trying to better their performance. Any movement can be an [...]

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