Traveling to Central Oregon? Bend and the entire Central Oregon region has been a desired destination for years. People travel here to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, eat and drink local food, and to rest into the lifestyle. Bend, Redmond, and nearby Madras offer multiple major airlineĀ options making Central Oregon accessible from throughout the globe in connection with major cities. Traveling in a plane and car for extended periods of time can wreak havoc on the body. I’ve seen several travelers so far that arrive in pain with their spirits shot. They had their hopes set on hitting the trails, river, and mountains, with their itinerary at a halt. Thankfully, we are positioned to be at your service! We are conveniently located at the start of the Cascade Lakes Highway near Oregon State University’s Cascade Campus. Schedule a session online or give us a call or email to make sure you are ready to enjoy all that Central Oregon has to offer. Hopefully, your trip has been successful without pain or increased tension. If you’ve hit the slopes or trails and are in need of recovery before you return home, stop in and loosen up those hips, back, and shoulders.

We are proud to be the exclusive service providers of Fascial Stretch Therapy in the entire Central Oregon region! We love helping our clients find the root cause of their pain and tension. We combine movement assessments, strength testing, range of motion, breathing, posture, yoga, massage techniques, and various manual strategies to help you leave feeling more free, loose, balanced, and recovered ready for more!

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