We know that the most important components to our overall health & performance are nutrition and stress management. You can be the most in-shape person but, if you’re depleted nutritionally and emotionally, there goes your gas tank, strength gains, and ability to adequately recover and avoid injury or over-training. When our nutrition is dialed in, workouts, recovery, energy, and our ability to manage stress is healthy. Without balanced nutrition and a way to soothe our nervous system workouts and the demands of life weigh us down, overcome our energy reserves and immune systems, and actually harm us more than benefit us. That is why we take the time & energy up-front to create a quality nutrition plan for you, with a holistic approach. Nutrition and lifestyle are the foundation to building a well-balanced and sustainable healthy life. Don’t leave your health up to the mass amount of fads, miss-information, and old habits. Let us help you set-up a plan that will accelerate your journey toward better health and performance.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick a package that best suits your goals.
  2. Schedule your first appointment to meet with our Health Coach one-on-one.
  3. The first appointment will consist of getting to know you, your needs, goals, and health history. You’ll begin your first homework assignment.
  4. Following visits will go deeper into your weak points working together to build them up and get you on track.
  5. Communication in-between sessions is done through phone or email.
  6. Learn new and healthy ways to manage your stress.
  7. Improve your mind-body connection through breathing exercises, yoga poses, and learning to practice mindfulness. 
  8. Brainstorm new ways to build more movement into your daily routine. 
  9. Establish a support system & accomplish things you’ve always dreamed of doing.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Program Options:

4 Pack: Jump-start your wellness goals with 4 sessions at about 1x per week.
8 Pack: At 1 session per week for about 2 months to change how, what, and why you eat with professional guidance.
20 Pack: A longer-term commitment to overhaul your nutrition and health with professional guidance.
2 session goal specific: For those who need a few small adjustments to increase performance.

Focus on key areas by using specific nutrition programs:

  • Gut Health- improve leaky gut symptoms and chronic illness by re-balancing your digestive system.
  • Anti-Inflammatory/Elimination Diet- find out the root cause(s) to your low energy and illnesses.
  • Whole Foods/Clean Eating Education- learn how to select, prep, and eat clean within your budget.

Answer questions that can have a large impact on your energy and success:

  • When is the best time to eat fruits/starches?
  • How do I eat to better combat stress?
  • What does a well-balanced diet look like for me?
  • How do I currently view myself and my self-worth?
  • What’s been holding me back from achieving my goals/dreams?
  • What are my habits/patterns when I’m feeling stressed?
  • What are some of my triggers that lead me to emotionally eat/over-eat?

Just a few benefits:

Improve quality of sleep
Increase digestion and nutrient absorption
Improve metabolism
Enhance recovery
Endurance race nutrition
Muscle gain
Weight loss
Improved leaky gut syndrome
Decrease stress
Increase energy levels

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