What is Movement Therapy?

Movement therapy is a general term I use to group together many facets of what it means to move and to coach movement. To move well with biomechanical efficiency is important to me and that’s how I coach my clients. Without moving well, we fall into a trap of working out at the cost of our joint, tissue, and mental/emotional health. I first like to see how they move naturally in order to assess weak points, compensation patterns, and movement faults. I then proceed to trial and error varying cues, movement progressions, and related bodywork to enhance the client’s awareness, ability to feel and notice their body/restriction, and with time and effort, feel more space, ability to move, etc. The individualized attention that comes with movement therapy sessions is all geared toward helping you achieve your goals and creating a personalized, safe, effective, and progressive plan for YOU. Movement therapy with Pacific Crest Performance will ensure you will receive the top tier of expertise, skills, and results you are looking for.

Movement Therapy Sessions Include:

  • Initial Health History and Intake
  • Posture Assessment and Movement Screens
  • Custom Movement Prescriptions including a blend of strength, mobility, yoga, and breathing/body awareness exercises
  • Personalized Sessions for Optimal Progression and Efficiency
  • Self-Care Homework

What to Expect During a Movement Therapy Session:

  • Our full undivided attention on YOU
  • Safe movement progressions
  • Functional movement that will challenge you to move with better quality and ease
  • Variable movements that will take you outside of your comfort zone
  • Regular time to re-assess current movement abilities and re-adjust goals

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