What is Movement Integration?

movement integrationMovement Integration means taking the next step in your journey toward better function and results. By integrating both massage therapy and personal training together, results occur faster and last longer. This may look like 5-10 of massage at the end of your training session, finding the right balance for you with you activities for massage and training frequency, or may be the addition of specific strengthening exercises to promote balance to your system following a massage. It may also mean stretching only one side of your body versus the other, or doing 2-3 strength sets on one side in order to correct imbalances in the body. By combining the power of both massage therapy and functional movement with personal training, individuals can greatly enhance their performance outcomes.

movement integrationMovement Integration Includes:

    • Manual therapy to release or activate muscles and¬†enhance movement patterns
  • Postural assessments
    • Movement, flexibility, and strength assessments
  • Exercise prescription to keep you on track at home.
  • Self-care strategies.


As a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist and Yoga Practitioner, I believe the combination of hands-on massage therapy with movement is vital to creating more longer-lasting change. By using your newly achieved range of motion, moving with reduced pain or stiffness, we are able to reprogram the motor control center (MCC) in the brain. This is what keeps us moving after we sprain an ankle and compensate by limping. It’s one reason why we are so resilient as humans, survival. But what happens after the ankle heals? Our ability to work around an injury may still be written within our motor cortex resulting in certain muscles being overworked or picking up the slack of others. The fascial system is often holding these patterns distributing them along the chain. This is where movement is a key portion of the therapy process, allowing us to integrate the work received by using our bodies’ through natural ranges of motion, functional exercise, and sensorimotor training.

Movement Integration is included with any Massage Therapy & FST sessions and includes:

  • Health History Intake
  • Goal Setting
  • Assessments including posture, range of motion, functional movements
  • Identification of potential weak points, restricted areas, and opportunities for change
  • A custom treatment plan to help you progress toward more balance and ease in your body
  • Re-assessment to track progress
  • Isolated or functional exercises to support whole-body strength, fitness, and conditioning