I hiked some of the Oregon and Washington Pacific Crest Trail when I was in my teens in both the Columbia River Gorge and the Mt. Hood National Forest. It wasn’t until the year we had our daughter that my passion and desire to explore more of the PCT grew. With our baby-carrier Osprey pack, we hiked most the 50-mile Mt. Hood section out-and-back over the summer of 2013. We also did an additional overnight trip to the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness starting from the Breitenbush Trailhead (not recommended unless you have a 4×4 vehicle) and camping in the Jefferson Park area. Catch-up with the previous trips with the thumbnails below, the follow my pct journey as the adventure continues year by year.

I also did a solo hike from Lolo Pass to the Columbia River Gorge for a short 25-mile day trip in summer of 2013.

Next came the 25-mile section of PCT from Wickiup Plains to just South of McKenzie Pass. I completed this portion at the end of July 2017 during my 2-day trek around the Three Sisters Wilderness Loop.

Continue to follow my PCT journey! For the 2018 season, I am planning to hike from Wickiup Plains (where I connected to the PCT and headed North to Scott Pass) and head South to Waldo Lake (about 38 miles) for a day trip to meet the family and camp for the night.

Depending on the snowfall and fire season, I’m also planning to complete the trail from just South of Timothy Lake (where we left off as a family in 2013) and get picked up at Mckenzie Pass. This is around 90 miles total which I’m aiming to set aside 3 days to trek, so about 30 miles per day. My goal for this year is to continue lightening-up my pack weight so the long-distance miles are easier on my body.

Completing these two sections will put me about 6 days left in making it to the end of the Oregon Pacific Crest Trail with a 15-mile piece of Section E Waldo Lake to Odell Lake, 60 miles of Section D from Odell Lake to Diamond Lake, 75 miles from Diamond Lake through Crater Lake to Sky Lakes Wilderness, and 55 miles from Fish Lake to Ashland on the I-5 corridor.

Training hikes for the 2 trips planned in 2018 will likely include the Deschutes River Trail from Bend to Sunriver and back totaling 26-30  miles roundtrip. I think this hike will be great for rolling terrain without much elevation gain (about 1400 feet) similar to the PCT headed South from Wickiup Plains.