A simple concept is often overlooked in the fitness industry. Periodization. Most of us know this general principle already from growing up with seasonal sports, but why does it seem to stop after school? Professional athletes have scheduled seasons for a reason, one of them being the fact that the human body can only withstand a sustained level of stress for so long before the risk of injury increases dramatically and performance declines.  I am concerned with the avid recreational athlete or active individual who chronically runs, cycles, weight trains, or chooses to participate in their given sport/activity with no off-season. Without a specified time to rest the connective tissues and joints, we run the risk of overuse injuries which are seen all to often today. At PCP, we will learn your activity patterns and customize a plan to introduce certain periods of time where some activities will be emphasized over others. What we have found is that people love it! First off they feel more energized, their body is given a chance to recuperate, and they see better results. Periodization also works well with planning your activities with the seasons. This greatly reduces the risk of overuse injuries and boredom. Periodization can also occur at daily, weekly, and monthly timeframes in relation to cross-training principles and how the human body was designed to function on a cyclical timeline.