This archive is designed to help supplement those receiving care from us in-person, or for those looking for better ways to enhance their already existing program at home. If you are suffering from any pain, injury, or medical condition, please consult your preferred medical professional first before using any of these exercises.

Strength Exercises

bend shoulder rehab

Kneeling Overhead Press end position

bend shoulder exercise

Kneeling Overhead Press starting position

bend exercise

Kettlebell Deadlift bottom position

bend strength

Kettlebell Deadlift top position

bend stability exercises

Single Leg Deadlift bottom position

front squat bend oregon

Front Squat bottom position

bend oregon strength

Standing Single Arm Row bottom position

bend oregon row

Standing Single Arm Row top position

Push-Up top position (high plank)


bend oregon movement

Low Plank

core exercises bend oregon

Side Plank

core exercises bend

Glute Bridge

movement exercises bend oregon

Single Leg Bridge